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"Thinking Outside the Chrysalis:

A Black Woman's Guide to Spreading Her Wings"





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“Trish encourages women to challenge unfulfilling expectations, unhealthy emotional responses, incongruent spiritual practices and other behaviors that are blocking them from experiencing self-actualized lives. She provokes the reader to dig deep in exploring how these issues cause pain, restrict growth and result in patterns inconsistent with her desires. Each chapter is punctuated with specific strategies to assist women in moving their lives out of unfulfilling cycles into peace, freedom and true purpose. Trish courageously shares her own struggles and disappointments which allows the reader to realize that she is not alone in the journey of growth and healing. This is a must-read for any women, especially black women, looking to break free and take flight in the next chapter of her life!”

- Regina S. Brown, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

"Grab your journals, pens and smudge sticks! This self-help memoir is a refreshing guide on how you can begin the journey of making meaningful changes in your life to move outside of your chrysalis. Trish draws you in with her journey of healing and self-development. Through very personal narratives, she leads by example and shows us all that we can each start in one form, only to evolve into a better version of ourselves. We all just need a little courage to start the process. If you are looking to evolve, then this book is for you!”

- Natasha Brewley (Chef Beee), MBA, PhD, HHC, 

Owner, Essentially Chef Beee & Nyansapo Wellness Institute, Inc.

“Trish Ahjel Roberts draws on her lived experiences with generosity and skill, presenting a ‘12-drop’ approach to creating a more self-actualized (and joyful) life. Thinking Outside the Chrysalis is ‘A Black Woman’s Guide to Spreading Her Wings,’ but Trish’s perspective offers something for all women everywhere looking to live a more authentic life. Profound!"

- Julie Hartley, MFA - Director, Centauri Arts Writing School, Ontario, CN

“This is a perfect book for anyone beginning their journey of self-discovery or even in the thick of working to figure things out. Trish shows us how beautiful this process of growth and transformation can be when we listen to our inner calling and step bravely into who we’re meant to be.”

- Jaimee Ratliff, Owner – Yoga with Jaimee, LLC

“There is so much going on in the world that it’s easy to lose your way, especially as a young woman of color in America right now. This book really helped me dive into my deeper self to help me start living my life comfortably as my truest self.”

- Mona Swain, Student, Reinhardt University and TikTok Influencer

“I am so inspired by Trish. She completely shares herself and her wisdom in this book. I felt like I had a conversation with a therapist without actually having to divulge all my ‘stuff,’ even while she helped me comb through it. Real talk! Following each chapter, she gives a guide to help you process deep feelings that may have arisen. (Let's pollinate!) Finally, she makes it all light with music and movie selections that reflect each chapter's theme. Totally feeling this book!”

- Sonia Kidd, Coaching Client and Business Owner


As the world manages the devastation of the current pandemic and ongoing racial injustice, Trish Ahjel Roberts carefully weaves her own story of trauma and redemption into a path of joy and fulfillment that any woman can embrace. Each chapter is a drop of nectar with its own related message, social media support group, affirmations, guided meditations, inspiring music playlist and media watchlist to make personal development fun, relevant and accessible to black women everywhere.


"I want to see a self-actualized world, beginning with black women."

- Trish Ahjel Roberts


The Greek origin of the word “chrysalis,” or butterfly cocoon, means “gold.” The shell that encloses us is often a beautiful façade that keeps us trapped in complacency. This book will show you how to identify your passions and find the courage to break away from the routine and live your most authentic and joyful life. Butterflies feed on drops of nectar. With a simple 12-drop approach, you will receive the nourishment you need to soar through life with the ease of a butterfly.

     Our thinking is what limits us. If we believe there is nothing outside of our cocoon we can never have a break-through. We first must have a “think-through,” believing in the effortless abundance waiting for us on the other side.

     This book uses real life experiences, along with Buddhist and yogic philosophies, to shine light on the freedom awaiting you on the other side of the chrysalis. 

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Coming November 11, 2020!

Everyone wants happiness and freedom from suffering: people, animals, and even insects. The desire for mind-blowing happiness, however, is unique to humans. We have the ability to access our Divine consciousness in ways that other species simply cannot. This innate ability gives rise to a profound desire for exceptional joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

This journal is carefully designed to walk you through the 12-step approach developed over many years of studying Buddhist and yogic philosophy, life coaching strategy, and therapeutic techniques. This wisdom is shared in a way that allows you to craft your own story and enhance the trajectory of your life.

As you unfold the joyful truth in each step, you will undoubtedly “juice up” your life’s journey. When life is juicy it’s rich, ripe, and bubbling over with promise. You realize there’s so much inside of you. It’s more than you knew and more than enough. Your cup overflows with abundance. You discover so much goodness, you can’t help but share. You no longer worry about the things you used to. You’re confident about the future. You wake up each day with joy and gratitude.

That’s mind-blowing happiness. Available on Amazon 11/11/2020

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Author Bio

Trish Ahjel Roberts is a blogger, self-actualization coach, yoga and meditation instructor, reiki practitioner, retreat organizer and founder of Black Vegan Life (TM) and HoneyButterflyz LLC. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and attended Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the Metropolitan College of New York and an MBA from Long Island University. She has ten years of Buddhist study at Kadampa Meditation Center in Atlanta, GA and twenty years of yoga experience. She lives with her daughter and their dog in metro Atlanta. She is available as a life coach, motivational speaker and plant-based retreat organizer.


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