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Trish Ahjel​ Roberts

Novelist, Self-Help Author, Blogger, Poet

I chose the name, "Trish Ahjel" when I wrote my first book way back in the 90's. I decided to keep my family name separate from some of the content I wanted to address as a writer, and "Ahjel" is just a spelling variation of my middle name. Using a pen name allowed me to be compartmentalized. Society teaches us that we have to have a particular image for some roles and a different one for others. We are not taught to be our whole and complete selves as we enter in and out of various spaces. We struggle to figure out what box we fit into, and why we need a box anyway. I think that's why so many of us struggle with authenticity. Is it okay to be ourselves with all of our flaws, or do we need to meet other's perceptions of what we should be? 

With all that said, I still love the name, "Trish Ahjel," and I'm not letting her go or giving her up. She will, however, have to learn to get along with Trish Roberts, with all her many shortcomings. Many years ago I took a photography class, and one of the students put a photo of his lover's blemished back on display. He said, "Beauty is in our imperfection." That was one of the most striking bits of wisdom I'd ever heard, and I'll never forget it. Our beauty is in our imperfection - It's what makes us Real. Authentic. Human.

- Trish Ahjel Roberts